Full time teacher with language teaching qualifications and experience

All 12 of our teachers are full time, highly qualified and experienced professionals, in addition to all being native from Spanish speaking countries. All our teachers have specific qualifications for teaching Spanish as a foreign language (Español como Lengua Extranjera. E.L.E.) which ensures high quality teaching. At Spanish World HK you can be 100% sure that your teacher will be a real professional educator (not just a native speaker) who knows what is needed to help students to communicate in Spanish language.

Gonzalo created Spanish World HK in 2005 with a clear vision in mind: to bring quality Spanish communicative teaching to all people in Hong Kong.

From the beginning he realized that there was an unsatisfied demand for Spanish courses that could cater to all ages (kindergarten, kids, teens, adults) and needs (official exams, business, travelers, leisure…etc). To his understanding the key to satisfy this demand was to bring qualified and experienced Spanish teachers passionate about their work, and create specific curricula and programs for each learning need and age group.

"A language is a tool for communication and we believe in a communicative approach to the learning of Spanish. This means that to the maximum extent possible (not always easy in a non-immersion context such as Hong Kong) we make our students realize the need to speak Spanish from day one, even if they can only speak few words, thus minimizing the use of English or any other language in class. "

"Trial and error is the path to improve communication, and communication is the ultimate goal for learning any language. If you studied Spanish for 6 months but you cannot speak more than few words something went missing."

With over 15 years of teaching experience, Vanessa is a true expert on the E.L.E field (Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language) and she shares her love for her profession and her enthusiasm to educating and learning with both students and teachers alike.

She has worked at prestigious universities and dedicated centers such as the Cervantes Institute, HKU and others, always working on improving how Spanish language is taught throughout the world.

Majoring in English Studies (University of La Laguna, Spain), with a Master Degree in Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (University of La Laguna, Spain) and a PhD candidate in Hispanic Literature (University of the Philippines), besides her strong educational background on the field, she has both the qualifications and the experience to develop curricula, programs and adjust them to our students.

In her own words: “I see teaching as an opportunity to share in the learning journey of students. I employ a wide range of assessment and reporting methods that would show student’s achievements. Using the language as a tool to communicate is my philosophy, and everyone can make it happen”. “Learning Spanish as a foreign language gives you the opportunity to learn not only a language but also its culture and people.”

“Kids go further. They are the purest learners. You can speak to them naturally, not thinking about grammar. If you have the patience and give them right inputs they just catch the language, they start producing and, all of a sudden, you are talking to them”. When I feel and see how this unfolds it reminds me of why I love so much what I do.”

Victoria discovered teaching Spanish to foreigners 7 years ago and has not looked back since. After graduating in Journalism, Victoria decided to fulfill her other passion, teaching, so she qualified as a Spanish Teacher (ELE) in Cervantes Institute. Along her seven years Journey, writing and oral skills have been her strong point when teaching kids, teenagers and adults from different nationalities.

Victoria has worked in various countries around Middle East and also in Spain. Now in Hong Kong, the city that she is in love with, she keeps on teaching kids of all ages. Again in her own words: “I do not get tired of teaching children, learning from them, I have skills and enough experience to teach, but is always the kid´s spontaneity the knowledge you will take with you. It is a fulfillment and it is all a challenge”.

If you are interested in joining us, please

send your CV to hr@spanishworldhk.com