• Spanish World prepares many students every year for official Spanish Exams. Namely, DELE, IGCSE, A LEVELS and others like IB.

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    DELE Exams

    The Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) are the official Spanish language diploma/exams, internationally recognised, granted by the Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education. The Instituto Cervantes can be compared to the British Council in UK and it is the number one authority in the world on everything regarding Spanish language.

    DELE exams are divided into 6 LEVELS: A1 (Breakthrough), A2 (Waystage), B1 (Threshold), B2 (Vantage), C1 (Proficiency) and C2 (Mastery). Each of these LEVELS and according to the Instituto Cervantes, require at least 120 hours of language learning in order to achieve successful results. That is, 120 hours before DELE A1, 240 hours before DELE A2, 360 hours before DELE B1 etc.

    You can see in the following links how the Instituto Cervantes in their headquarters of Tokyo and New Delhi advises that each Level requires around 120 hours + of language exposure:

  • Instituto Cervantes / Tokyo
    Instituto Cervantes / New Delhi

    You can learn more about these exams at:
    Instituto Cervantes
    Instituto Cervantes / London

    We have designed tailor-made courses for those preparing for any of the DELE exams both private or in group classes. We will give you hints for the exams and practice with sample exams which will be very close to the one you will have to take. The DELE exams can be taken here in Hong Kong either in May or November every year.

    Spanish World helps students with DELE enrollment. All Spanish World students got a discount on DELE enrollment. Please contact us and we will let you know more details.

    IGCSE/A Level/IB

    Every year we prepare students for British based IGCSE and A Level exams. Each student has different needs and we can create a sound planning in order to achieve the best results possible. You can check our Spanish for teens section and the Private classes section for more details on the curriculum.


    Please contact us and we will let you know
    more details.

    School Break Spanish Class for Holiday Students - ENROLLMENT STARTS!

    Want to make use of school break? Keeping up with Spanish when the school is having break! Private class to focus on specific topics, Spanish skills and exam preparation.

    We are the most experienced Spanish school in HK for different international exams preparation. We have tailor-made and systematic programs for


    ✔ SAT, AP

    ✔ IB ab initio, IB Standard, IB Higher Level, DELE

  • 12 full time native Hispanic teachers

    ✔ All with Certificate of “Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language”

    ✔ All with at least Bachelor degree of education related field

    ✔ 75% with Master Degree

    ✔ Over 50% are official examiners

    Spanish World 2018 DELE Exam Preparation

    Spanish World 2018 DELE Exam Preparation

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