Course Updates

  • Spanish Summer Course is ready to apply. Pre-summer course will start in May and Jun! Early Bird Offer is available!!

    Intensive and Super Intensive Class, 2-4 lessons per week to build up good foundation in one summer. Suitable for Total Beginners: Playgroup, Kids, Teens and Adults.

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2018 Summer Spanish Course is ready

Spanish World 2018 Spanish Summer Course

Kind Reminder:Below classes are almost full! First paid first served!
Spanish Summer Playgroup
• Pre-A (19/6)*Last 2 seats!
• July A1 (4/7) LAST SEAT!
• July A2 (10/7)*Last 3 seats!
• July A3 (11/7)*Last 2 seats!

Spanish for Kids Summer Course 6-7 years old July A2 (18/7)*Last 2 seats.

Spanish for Teens Summer Course Summer Intensive for Teens 13-16 years old Class A2 (18/7)*Last 4 seats only.

Spanish Summer Course for College/University students/ Adults Pre-B (23/5)*Last 2 seats only!

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Spanish World 2018 Spanish Summer Course

We Offer Summer Spanish for Playgroup (3-5 years old), Summer Spanish for Kids and Children (6-9 years old), Summer Spanish for Teens (10-16 years old) and Summer Spanish for Adults (17 years old or above).

✔ Cervantes Institute accredited Spanish School. The only one in Hong Kong and the 4th one in Asia.

✔ The stronest professional qualified teachers team - 12 Full Time hired teachers, ALL of them are

1. Spanish and native Spanish Speakers

2. with professional qualification to teach Spanish as foreign language

3. with at least Degree education level, some of them with Master education level

✔ Small class size.

✔ Certificate provided.

✔ All courses are designed for continuous learning. Custom design curriculum. International standard.

✔ 90% of our students got A or above in Spanish language public exams.

Every summer we organize many intensive spanish learning group classes for people who find this period of the year as the best time for learning and advance as much as possible in 1, 2 or 3 months. We have been running these summer programmes for years and they become more and more popular every time. In a fun yet structured approach you can cover content 3 or 4 times faster than in a normal course. The key is to have more hours of exposure to the language every week. Instead of 2 hour per week you will have 4, 6 or 8 hours per week. This will give you a huge start in spanish language for your future learning!

We will announce the specific schedules in April/May every year. Keep in touch for updates in our website and facebook fanpage.

For further enquiries or reservations please contact us. Early reservations are recommended due to limited seats.

Spanish up your SUMMER!

During summer, Christmas, New Year, Easter holidays and any semester break, we teach Spanish to students that either live abroad (UK, US, Canada, Australia etc) or live in Hong Kong but find these periods of the year as the best to improve their Spanish. Many of them are preparing for IGCSE /A level /IB /DELE /SAT exams, so we give them an extra preparation and structure. You can check more information regarding our classes towards these exams at the Official Exams section of our website.

*Due to the popular demand but limited time in each break, please contact our admin staff to arrange the suitable time schedule in earlier advance.

Tuition fee

Our private class fees are:
  • 1 student class: 550 HKD per hour
  • 2 students class: 365 HKD per hour/per person
  • 3 students class: 310 HKD per hour/per person
  • 4 students class: 260 HKD per hour/per person

In private classes, there are no missed classes provided the student give us 24 hours notice. For class cancelation the student must inform the school administration, not the teacher. If notice is less than 24 hours the class will be charged.

If you are looking for a group class, then check our "Adult Spanish Group Courses" and "Spanish for Teen" sections of our website.

You can check our IGCSE/GCSE and A Level curriculum in our "Spanish for Teens" section for further information.

Student Comments

“This is a rather overdue note to thank you and the tutors my son had for all the help with his Spanish. He got a really good IB result with a 6 out of 7 for his Ab initial Spanish which we were very pleased with.” Mrs. Thompson, 2014 Feb