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  • Regular Spanish Class - Teens
    • Last 2 seats for new Spanish for Teens on 8/5!
    • Free Trial for Summer Teens in May - Enroll now to enjoy Summer Course EXCLUSIVE Offers!
    • Summer Intensive and Super Intensive Course are now open for Enrollment. 2-4 lessons/ week.

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    Class A: Suitable for 10-12 years old Beginners
    Starting Date: 8 May 2018 *Last 2 seats!!
    Time: Every Tue 5:30-7:00pm
    Tuition Fee: HKD405/ lesson
    Material Fee: Please refer to the Material of this webpage
    Class B: Suitable for 13-16 years old Beginners
    Starting Date: 25 Feb 2018 *Last 3 seats!!
    Time: Every Sunday 4:00-5:30pm
    Tuition Fee: HKD405/ lesson
    Material Fee: Please refer to the Material of this webpage

    ** We have classes for students at different levels. If you have learnt Spanish before, please contact us to arrange a placement test (free) for us to find you the most suitable group.

  • Spanish Movie

    Only for Spanish World students and their friends
    Movie for All Ages: Donkey Xote
    Time: 4 Apr (Wed) 11:00am-12:30nn
    Movie for Adults: Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales)
    Time: 27 Mar (Tue) 7:30am-9:30pm
    Fee: FREE!! Reserve your seat NOW!

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Spanish World 2018 Spanish for Teens Free Trial

Kind Reminder:Summer Intensive for Teens (13-16 years old) - Class A2*Last 4 seats only. First paid first served!

Spanish World 2018 Spanish Summer Course

Spanish for Teens Regular Monthly Course

Class Schedule

Our Teen groups usually have class once a week, each with 90 minutes. Different Class Schedule available. Please contact us for more details.

Tuition Fee

HKD270/ Hour
Collected on a monthly basis

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Class Size

4 - 10 students/ class
The exact class size varies also with the classroom.


10 - 13 years old:
Mira 1 Pupil Book & Exercise Book - 350HKD
Mira 2 Rojo Pupil Book & Exercise Book - 350HKD
Listos 3 Rojo Pupil Book & Exercise Book - 360HKD
14 - 17 years old:
Club Prisma Nivel A1 - Libro de alumno + CD, Libro de ejercicios - 300HKD
Club Prisma Nivel A2 - Libro de alumno + CD, Libro de ejercicios - 300HKD
*The price mentioned only applies to Spanish World Hong Kong students.

Why Secondary students are learning Spanish now?

Many students are taking Spanish now as it has become very popular and useful both to study in HK or abroad. Spanish has become part of the Hong Kong new Secondary curriculum as an elective subject. And the entry to U. K. and U.S.A universities requires knowledge of a third language and Spanish is most of the time the number one choice.

Our curriculum for Secondary students is designed to reach the objective of preparing for the Hong Kong new Secondary Curriculum Diploma (HKDSE), as well as for IGCSE, A levels, IB and DELE Exams. Our objective is to help our students to achieve good results, thus to strengthen their competitiveness when applying for local or overseas universities.

Full time teacher with language teaching qualifications and experience

Our teachers are native full time professionals with a lot experience in teaching secondary Hong Kong students. In fact we teach at some prestigious local schools such as Saint Paul Coed College. At our centre we are currently running many beginner level and advanced level groups as well as many one to one private students. We actually have a lot of students that study in U.K. and come to Spanish World during their holidays to improve their Spanish skills.

About Spanish public examinations, IGCSE, HKDSE, A levels and DELE

For your reference IGCSE and A levels are the U.K. based exams for Secondary Students. DELE exams are the Spanish Government exams for adults which are the most official exams in the world for Spanish language. There are 6 DELE levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. A1 is the first one and C2 is the most advanced. IGCSE is comparable to DELE A2, and AS Level (which is the exam used for HKDSE) or IB are comparable to DELE B1 level.

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An international Spanish public exam. It's the only official Spanish proficiency certificate in the world approved by the Spain Government, as well as by other spanish speaking Governments. There are 6 different levels: A1,A2,B1,B2,C1 and C2, being C2 the highest.

IGCSE/ A Level
Run by English educational institutions (e.g. Cambridge University), these are international public exams for students aged 15-16 (IGCSE) or aged 17-18 (A Levels). Success in A level exams can help for applying local universities or British well-known universities.

Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education, is the new academic system carried out by HK government. Students can take DSE Spanish under Category C: Other Language Subjects. Students are suggested to study for 6 years before going to the exam.

Different Spanish public exam
start point: IGCSE/ GCSE/ DELE A2 --> AS Level(equals to the HK secondary Diploma Spanish certificate) --> A Level/DELE B1 --> DELE B2 --> DELE C1 -->DELE C2

Student Comments

“My girl has an A in IGCSE. She is very happy. Thanks to the teacher. She is a very good teacher. I am pleased to meet Spanish World. Thanks for the help and assistance over the past few years” Mrs. Wong, 2015 Sep