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  • New Class for Travellers

    Suitable for students planning to travel to Spanish speaking countries in Christmas or New Year! Join together for special discount!
    Starting Date: 2017 Oct 21
    Time : Every Saturday; 3-5pm
    Duration : 7 sections in total, 6 lessons + 1 Party!
    Class Size: 5-8 students
    Original Price: $3,900
    Discount Price: $2,800 for facebook members; Join together to get HKD400 off!

    *To enjoy discount price, please like us on our facebook fanpage

Are you travelling to a Spanish speaking country? Or just want to learn some basics of Spanish language as soon as possible? Then this is the right fast track course for you! This task-base spanish course will teach you how to deal with situations that you might encounter while you travel to a Spanish speaking country like in a hotel or a restaurant or shopping for clothes or bargaining in the market or getting to the location you want! Role-playing and flashcards makes this course a lot of fun.

It is important to remember that these is not a complete spanish learning course. This is a very specific task-base course. If you want or need a more structured approach then you should take one of our general courses.

• Seasonal Special! 【Spanish for Travellers Course】 will start on 21/10! • Fansbook fans continue to enjoy our special offer! Don't miss this chance to learn this beautiful language in a very interactive and practical way. You can learn to use the REAL Spanish during your travel, especially if you plan to go in this this year! Spanish is not just a language use in Spain, it also covers many countries mainly in South America!
Like our Facebook page and save HKD1,100! And we'll have a fiesta (party) at the end of the course too feel the Spanish culture through your tongue and your ears!

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Student Comments

“I feel happy and still interested in Spanish, therefore I will keep studying forever and forever ^_^ I want Spanish world HK to be my second home ^_^ ” Miss Yip, 2014 Nov