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The Only Cervantes Institute Accredited Spanish Centre in HK

We provide a wide variety of Spanish language courses, including group Spanish lessons and private Spanish classes, from beginner Spanish classes to advanced Spanish classes.

"How to learn Spanish?"
"How to learn Spanish fast"
"Can I learn Spanish online?"
"What is the fastest way to learn Spanish

These are common questions when looking for Spanish classes. The truth is, there's no short-cut to learn Spanish quickly nor any new language. The best way to learn Spanish, is commitment of time and will, a well-structural learning plan and professional teachers. Get the best with us.

Below are all the Spanish learning programs we offer. Click and find out which course is right for you. If you want to know how you can learn Spanish with us, you can scroll down to "Exactly how do we achieve this?" section of this page for more details. If you want to know more about the reasons to learn Spanish, please visit our Why Spanish section.

Explore and find out which course and which schedule is suitable for you. Remember we can help you choosing the right course. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Exactly how do we achieve this?

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Quality teaching:

Spanish World has earned the Instituto Cervantes Accreditation Quality Seal, the only internationally recognized seal in the World in terms of Spanish Language Teaching Excellency. This goes beyond the obvious and basic need of having professional teachers.

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Qualified teachers:

Worth highlighting that at Spanish World HK all teachers are qualified and experienced professionals, in addition to all being native from Spanish speaking countries. All our teachers have specific qualifications for teaching Spanish as a foreign language (Español como Lengua Extranjera. E.L.E. or higher). You can be 100% sure that your teacher will be a real professional educator who knows what is needed to help students to communicate in Spanish language.

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Consistent and progressive learning programmes:

We have developed a continuing set of programmes, one building upon the other. This means that with the exception of C2 (not offered in Hong Kong) no level or age is left aside, ensuring a seamless learning.

Clear progress between Playgroup (Age 3 -5), Kids (Age 6-10) and Teens (Age 11-16)

Kids and Teens groups are further divided by age to avoid for example having a 12-year-old kid together with a 16 year old one.

We never stop improving and adapting our programmes. A program is a tool not a goal on its own.

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Spanish Language takes Centre Stage:

We believe in a communicative approach to the learning of the language. That means Spanish will be used most of the time in class. Nevertheless, no methodology is perfect and flexibility and adaptation to the students’ characteristics is always necessary. We believe we reached that equilibrium for Hong Kong students.

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Small Class:

Playgroup: 4 to 6 students Kids: 4 to 10 students Teen: 4 to 10 students Adults: 8 to 12 students

Kids and teens groups are further divided by age proximity to avoid cases such as 6-year-old students having class with a 10 year old students.

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Flexible Admin Process:

Meaning a student oriented admin process. Capacity to deal individually with regards student needs, capacity to respond quickly and efficiently when communication is needed. Capacity to advice and counsel students. student manual.

Complete Spanish Learning program listing

Find here the complete Spanish Learning program listing for ease of access. If you can't find your fit, please contact us  anytime, we are here to help.

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