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"The Little Prince"/ "El Principito"

Spanish Reading El Principito

If you are a beginner looking for some Spanish book to read, here is an inspiring and timeless book.
Today’s recommendation is a book called "The Little Prince". "El Principito" in Spanish.
Arguably a children’s book but it is so much more. It is ideal for beginners, with simpler sentences and pictures.
It is a wonderful classic about life, love, making friends, falling in love, finding what is important in life, and saying goodbye. This tale is absolutely charming and full of wisdom.

The lessons and story are for children and adults of all ages. It is a delight to read in any language.

If you have already read "The Little Prince" in English or Chinese, you might find it is easier to understand when you read it in Spanish, so you can enjoy and concentrate on the language and enjoy the story.

Spanish World Library provide different kind of books for different levels. Ask our teachers or staffs for more book details.

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Published: 14 January 2018

Tags: Spanish ReadingsYoung Literature


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