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Why learning Spanish with Spanish World Hong Kong?

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Why learning Spanish with Spanish World Hong Kong?

In Spanish World Hong Kong, we divide our group not only according to the Spanish level but also the age group. Students at similar age usually have similar learning rhythm and interest which will allow more communication and participation in class.
Does it mean that student’s ability is neglected? Of course, NO! Teachers and Coordinators have regular meeting every week to make sure students are on the right track. If we find that a student is at a different learning speed than his/ her classmates, we will arrange classes to help or promoting into a more advanced level group.
In Spanish World Hong Kong, you will never experience a total beginner joining into your kid group when they already learn for a while. We only allow new students joining into the existing groups after they are confirmed to have certain level of Spanish (by free Placement Test) or catch-up lessons.

**If your kid has learnt Spanish before, please contact us to arrange a placement test for free. We have other Spanish Class Schedule available.
All Classes are small size and with limited seats. Join now before they become FULL!

★★★★★ Spanish World Hong Kong
The only Spanish language school in Hong Kong officially accredited with the Cervantes Institute Quality Seal, the most prestigious quality accreditation in terms of Spanish Teaching.
Room 404 4/F, Lap Fai Building, 6-8 Pottinger Street, Central, HK
Tel:+852 2526 9927
Book Online:https://goo.gl/dBpsOX

Published: 14 January 2018

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